Fletcher Dragge and Crew Graffiti the Walls of Abigaile

The black, blank slate before Fletcher (above, left) and friends had at it.

Fletcher Dragge, lead guitarist of Pennywise, and his crew from 3rd Street Tattoo were given free reign to graffiti the walls of Abigaile last night. With the sounds of his favorite punk acts blaring in the room and fueled by “PBR and Benadryl,” Dragge took to the walls with spray paint and stencils to pay homage to Black Flag and the other punk acts who used to live and play in the space back when it was known as “the Church.” Along with the graffiti, Dragge also worked in reproductions of actual show fliers from the early 80s featuring acts such as The Descendents, Minutemen, the Misfits, Germs, Exploited and Wasted Youth.

Stay tuned for a full gallery of photos showing the completed project, or better yet see it in person when Abigaile opens Monday, February 6. For a chance to experience Abigaile first, be sure to join our Facebook page to learn how you can be a part of our special preview opening this Friday and Saturday.

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